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  • 28% Drama
  • 9% Comedy
  • 9% Action
  • 9% Fantasy
  • 8% Horror
  • 7% Science-Fiction
  • 29% Others
Hello. I love good TV shows, especially sci-fi, mystery, drama and crime. I also like polite and educated people. If you are one of them and you'd like to chat about your favourite tv shows , movies, books, music, feel free to message me. I'm not a robot, so I will surely reply, when I have a free moment. And please don't bother to send me insulting messages. I simply ignore rude people, who swear a lot.
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Cutiepie's Reviews
Watch Better Call Saul Online Season 3 Episode 10
Malvin aka galvin, you don't post first, you just copy and paste what others posted before you, without even checking if the episode and TV show is correct, but it doesn't mean you should be allowed to do that. It happens to everone to posts a bad link accidentally, we are only humans, but submitting completely wrong links intentionally for hours, and hours just to get more views and make a few more bucks, that's an absurd! I hope our Admins will do somethihng with such annoying linkers.
10 days ago
Watch Reign (2013) Online Season 4 Episode 16
Proper links for episode 16 are up.
13 days ago
Watch Outcast Online Season 2 Episode 10
No rips of this episode yet, sorry guys. We will post links once they are available., patience please ;) Cheers!
23 days ago
Watch I'm Dying Up Here Online Season 1 Episode 1
Not a bad comedy show :)
23 days ago
Watch American Gods Online Season 1 Episode 6
Not a bad TV show, but I strongly recommend reading the book .
24 days ago
Watch House of Cards (US) Online Season 5 Episode 1
Looks like I already have plans for weekend, hehe... I really like this show, so happy the whole new season will be aired today/tomorrow!
a month ago
Watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians Online Season 13 Episode 11
Episode 12 released today is missing! Someone please update the website!
a month ago
Watch Twin Peaks Online Season 2 Episode 22
Is there any chance for Admins being so kind and updating this TV show, so people could watch 3rd season? Pretty please...
a month ago
Watch Arrow Online Season 5 Episode 23
A decent season finale :)
a month ago
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